How You Doin’

The “How You Doin’?” customer service program has 10 principles, to help maintain a first rate facility by providing top-notch service to you. This program is a Global Spectrum company-wide customer service initiative to make sure that each patron received the best customer service.

The “How You Doin’?” program encourages the staff to go out of their way to make sure every visitor feels at home. It is our goal, to make your first and last impression as a positive one.

Top 10 Principles

  • Customer First
    All employees are empowered to use all resources available to serve internal and external customer interactions.
  • Golden Rule
    Treat customers and co-workers with complete respect, fairness and courtesy.
  • Listen
    Ask open-ended questions, be attentive and clarify understanding to improve accuracy of responses.
  • Think “YES”
    Consistently demonstrate a can-do approach in thoughts and actions.
  • Be Professional
    Representing the SOEC and Global Spectrum Facility Management in an ethical and positive manner with all interactions.
  • Positive Attitude
    Solve problems creatively by making decisions that positively impact the entire organization.
  • 24-Hour Rule
    Act with an appropriate sense of urgency when responding to any and all requests.
  • Everybody Sells
    Suggest and implement new ways to drive and improve business.
  • Enthusiasm
    Work with a passion towards achieving individual, team and organizational growth and success and encourage others to do the same.
  • Do It Now
    Deliver on the things you have committed to doing and are accountable for producing.